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Fred Ianacci for NYS Assembly



Ronkonkoma, NY- Alfred Ianacci, Ronkonkoma resident, Brookhaven Town Democratic Committee Member, and Suffolk County Democratic Committee Member, proudly announces his second run for public office  with the support of the Brookhaven Town Democratic Committee Executive Board and Suffolk County Democratic Party


This is my second run for political office. In 2017, I was inspired to run for Brookhaven Town Councils for many of the same reasons that I announce my run for Assembly District 5. It is clear to me that the resident of AD-5 need a representative who is willing to fight for what we need, namely funding for our sorely dilapidated roads, our non-existent sewer infrastructure, and more state aid for the Sachem School District, one of the largest on Long Island. We have urgent needs in our community and a person willing to fight for your.


Many of the changes that I sought to bring to the Brookhaven town council in my first run for public office in 2017 are hallmarks that are the result of the state legislature shortchanging our district. Under Doug Smith’s representation, the fifth assembly district has been neglected under a representative more concerned with likes on Facebook and waging a pretend war against Governor Cuomo than getting results for our residents.


I have lived in Ronkonkoma for thirty plus years. The residents of AD 5 deserve better leadership in the State Legislature. I will fight for all residents to ensure that we are building our infrastructure for the 21st Century. You deserve a representative who puts people over their party affiliation. You also deserve a representative who believes in American democracy and does not resort to cheap parlor tricks by getting his opponent thrown off the ballot in an attempt to run unopposed.

We need to re-envision what suburban life is in the 21st century. Much of what plagues upstate and western New York does in fact have similarities with Long Island. We need to work together. I will create a “Suburban Caucus” in the State Assembly to ensure that our transportation, housing, and education needs are funded. For too long, the City of New York, the economic engine of our state has taken a disproportionate amount of State resources!

That ends November 3rd. #FredForAd5

I hope that you will join our team in our quest for more proactive leadership in the state legislature I invite you to follow our campaign’s  Facebook page for more updates.

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Proud to have secured the endorsement of The New York State Federation of Democratic Women.

September 17, 2020.

Long Island’s future depends on the development of green energy initiatives, affordable childcare for working families,  support for women in crisis, and ensuring the American Dream is available for everyone, regardless of whether your parents are plumbers or doctors.  #FredForAD5

I will be a tireless advocate for Long Island’s Working Families. If you’d like to donate to my campaign, here is a link:

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